Sunday, 26 September 2010

Dreaming Stravinsky

Rarely do I recall my dreams, however vivid they might have seemed at the time. However, in this case, I strained to repeat to myself what had happened upon waking and thereby managed to remember a considerable amount. I found myself walking into a school hall, somewhat gymnasium-like I think, where a particularly malnourished orchestra was performing The Rite of Spring to a rather small audience. As the performance stalled and restarted - I do not think these were intended as 'provocative' tempo fluctuations - members of the audience commented on the proceedings, some upping and leaving, their departure occasioning further consternation both from the audience and the orchestra. At a certain point, members of the orchestra, starting with two first violins at the back - I think there were only two more desks in total - began to leave too: rather like Haydn's Farewell Symphony. A new way to riot in the Rite? It seemed like an idea for a music-theatre piece...

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