Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Save the SWR Orchestras!

Alarming news that the Südwestrundfunk (Southwest German Broadcasting Corporation) is threatening the very existence of its two orchestras: Stuttgart and that of Baden-Baden and Freiburg. As if the former had not suffered enough under the vibrato-free tutelage of Roger Norrington... Anyone with the slightest interest or care for twentieth- , let alone twenty-first-century music will know how much the latter orchestra in particular has contributed towards the cause. A petition has been drawn up; please click here to sign.

Below are just a few examples of why this matters:








violinhunter said...

Germany has over 300 professional orchestras. I know nothing about this particular situation but I am venturing that if these orchestras are going to be shut down, there must be a good reason. That reason is PROBABLY that there is really nothing new (that is any good) that is being performed by these orchestras. The classical music world has turned into a museum precisely because great music is no longer being composed. I will read something on this matter and if I learn otherwise, I might change my mind, but DON"T bet on it.

Mark Berry said...

What a very peculiar comment! If you 'know nothing about this particular situation', why would you feel obliged or indeed tempted to share your ignorance? Surely the way in which to discover a host of fine music being composed would be to listen to it, not to 'read something on this matter'.

Christopher Hardy said...

I would like to salute Boulezian for letting us know about this petition which I have duly signed. I share his disapprobation of the dreadful Norrington and have made references to his post on the usual social media sites and on my own, much less interesting, frcrotchet.blogspot.com. Here's to a living, not artificial, musical tradition sustained by such fine artists as the SWR bands. Well done, Boulezian.