Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Wim Wenders will not be directing the 2013 Bayreuth 'Ring'

Contrary to rumours that have been circulating for a while, Wim Wenders will not after all be directing the Bayreuth Ring for the bicentenary of Wagner's birth in 2013. Wenders had hoped to use the production as the basis for a 3-D film. Sadly, Die Welt reports that it is not to be (click here). Bayreuth had better hurry up and find someone, unless it wants a repeat of the last Ring production fiasco, Lars von Trier's pulling out being followed by Tankred Dorst's unimaginative staging. Perhaps Otto Schenk might still be available, New York at long last having been put out of his misery... Why in the name of Wotan was Stefan Herheim not asked?