Sunday, 26 February 2012

A few lessons in programming...

I have just been looking through some of Pierre Boulez's programmes, performed with a variety of orchestras and ensembles. When one considers the sorry state of so many, though by no means all, contemporary programmes - whether on account of timid organisation or musicians, or the inroads the 'authenticke' brigade has made into Boulez's 'museum', rendering so much repertoire out of bounds - the very thought of the following comes as a tonic. Here is a small, but mouthwatering sample:

30 January 1959
Cologne (WDR SO)

Webern - Symphony, Two Songs, op.19, Four Songs op.13, Das Augenlicht
Schoenberg - Incidental Music to a Motion Picture Scene, op.34
Boulez - Le soleil des eaux
Stravinsky - Renard

17 April 1964
Munich (BRSO)

Coronation Music from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries
Stravinsky - The Flood
Messiaen - Oiseaux exotiques (Yvonne Loriod)
Bartók - Cantata profana

11 March 1965
Cleveland Orchestra

Rameau - Concerts en sextuor, nos 3 and 6
Boulez - Figures-Doubles-Prismes
Debussy, Gigues, Rondes de printemps, Jeux
Stravinsky - Chant du rossignol

15 July 1965
Holland Festival (Hague Residence Orchestra)

Ives - Three Places in New England
Peter Schat - Dances from Labyrinth
Obrecht - Missa Maria zart

7 April 1969

Purcell - Fantasias
Stravinsky -Symphonies of Wind Instruments
Webern - Six Orchestral Pieces, op.6
Stravinsky - The Rite of Spring

15 May 1971

Gabrieli - Canzon duodecimi toni a 8, Sonata pian e forte, Canzon septimi toni a 8
Pousseur - Couleurs croisées
Debussy - Première rhapsodie, Images 

4 December 1971
Cleveland Orchestra

Haydn - Symphony no.26 in D minor
Webern - Passcaglia, op.1
Berg - Seven Early Songs, Altenberglieder (Halina Łukomska)
Schubert - Symphony no.4 in C minor, D 417

6 March 1972

Telemann - Tafelmusik III: excerpts
Berg - Three Pieces from the Lyric Suite
Mozart - Piano Concerto no.27 in B-flat major, KV 595 (Alicia de Larrocha)
Varèse - Arcana

1 November 1972
London BBC SO

Schubert - Ständchen, D 920, Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt, D 656, Nachtgesang, D 913
Schoenberg - Herzgewächse, op.20 (Mady Mesplé), Three Pieces, op. posth., Herzgewächse [presumably a second performance]
Nono - Canti per tredici, Ha venido
Webern - Entflieht auf leichten Kähnen, op.2, Two Songs, op.19, Das Augenlicht, op.26

3 April 1974
London BBC SO

Schoenberg - Serenade, op.24
Schubert - Lazarus, S 689

3 November 1974
Leeds BBC SO (on receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of Leeds)

Bach-Stravinsky - Chorale Variations on Von Himmel hoch
Bartók - Divertimento for strings
Goehr - Chaconne for wind (first performance)
Boulez - Eclat
Webern - Five Orchestral Pieces, op.10
Haydn - Symphony no.76 in E-flat major


Lisa Hirsch said...

Applause for le Maitre!

Doundou Tchil said...

Have a look at this. Yoiung and with a full head of hair, Boule]z conducts inauthentic CPE Bach, with verve
It bugs me when people think Boulez knows nothing but modern.

Anonymous said...

Ah I was at that last concert in your list at Leeds! I remember the Haydn being thrilling after a stunning performance of Eclat. But I also remember the university photographer attracting the ire of the BBCSO concert-master (I can't remember if it was Eli Goren or Bela Dekany) by trying to take pictures at the front of the platform during the concert... Around that time Boulez conducted the Berlioz Grande Messe des morts in Leeds Town Hall during a Leeds Festival and also a programme with the Three Pieces from Wozzeck and Mahler 4 (I think there was another item but I don't remember it). Nothing to do with the music but I remember one of the extra trombones in the Berlioz was obviously used to regular concert dress and was resplendent in white tie and tails while the rest of the men on stage wore black tie and dinner jackets as Boulez himself used to!