Saturday 8 March 2014

Wishing C.P.E. Bach a very happy 300th birthday...

In case you thought that the music of the most original, most misunderstood, and, above all, the greatest of Bach's sons need sound charmlessly emaciated and absurdly hard-driven, listen to this from 1967. Rarely has Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's sounded with greater enlightenment - and Enlightenment. The concerto emerges as both good fun and a substantial work to be reckoned with: just the right balance for the forces, here deployed to excellent effect. Raymond Leppard conducts the English Chamber Orchestra. The four harpsichordists are the sorely underrated - at least today - George Malcolm, Simon Preston, Geoffrey Parsons, and Valda Aveling. For more on music at the court of Frederick the Great, please click here.

Here below are a few recommended recordings of CPE Bach's music, vocal, instrumental, and orchestral. There is more to explore, but I hope that these will offer a taste: