Monday, 2 May 2011

Tragédiennes de l’Opéra, 1875-1939, Opéra national de Paris

The Opéra national de Paris and the Bibliothèque nationale will join forces for this exhibition, running from 7 June to 25 September, covering the period from the opening of the Palais Garnier (1875) to 1939. Described as 'evoking some of the greatest female singers connected to the Palais Garnier, a brand new temple dedicated to lyrical art and to all of its excess', those featured will include Rose Caron (creator of roles in works by the now-forgotten Ernest Reyer, his Sigurd also based upon Norse and Teutonic myth, as well as Sieglinde and Verdi's Desdemona), Gabrille Krauss (creator of roles by Gounod), Sybil Sanderson (Massenet's muse for Thaïs), Lucienne Bréval, Felia Litvinne, Mary Garden, and many others. Photographs, jewellery, costumes, and other rare documents will attempt to bring back to life 'the memory of these exceptional women' and the times and repertoire in which they worked.

The exhibition may be seen at the Bibliothèque-musée de l’Opéra, Palais Garnier, Place de l’Opéra, Paris 9e. Opening hours will be 10.00 to 17.00, admission costing 9 euros, or 6 euros for concessions. There will also be an exhibition guide, due to appear on 2 June, edited by Albin Michel, 'Les Tragédiennes de l’Opéra'.