Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Listen to Schoenberg papers online (for two weeks only)

Schoenberg's typewriter

Click here to listen to papers given at last week’s symposium at the Arnold Schönberg Center in Vienna. They will be available online for a fortnight, so hurry or at least canter, whilst stocks last. They include me on Moses und Aron, a paper which will subsequently be developed into a longer piece, talking more about productions, for the Journal of the Arnold Schönberg Center, and a wide range of other Schoenbergian studies, ranging from a comparison (in the opening keynote lecture) of some of Schoenberg’s religious ideas with those of Karl Barth, again concentrating on Moses, to the role of Marya Freund (admired by, amongst others, Boulez) as performer of his music, from Schoenberg’s ‘public musicology’ as writer of record booklet notes to the reception of his music in Japan.