Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Interview with David McVicar: The arts and our political class (and something on Adriana Lecouvreur too...)

I have not always been the greatest fan of David McVicar's productions, though some - La clemenza di Tito, The Magic Flute, and The Turn of the Screw - I have greatly admired. However, here he is spot on concerning our verminous political class, its pandering towards the dregs of the culture industry, and its poisonous hostility (from Rupert Murdoch downwards - or is it impossible to move downwards from there?) towards the arts.

There is a host of reasons for everyone to feel betrayed by the Liberal Democrat political leadership. Working at a university, I know that as well as most. But to remain with the arts, contrast this (I confess: I was duped) with what is transpiring... The far right of the Lib Dems (i.e., David Laws) must be thinking all his (taxpayer-funded) Christmases have come early. Since my MP, Simon Hughes, at least appears to be one of the few decent remaining Members of Parliament, I am tempted to bear with him - after all, where else is there to go? - but these are bleak days indeed. Still, so long as the money remains to kill a few more Afghans, all will doubtless be well in the end...