Sunday 29 January 2012

Operatic characters we should meet

In an idle moment, I set to thinking about a few 'characters' we hear mentioned but whom it would be interesting to encounter properly, perhaps in 'spin-off' prequels or sequels. Here are ten priorities, though others will doubtless soon spring to mind:

Herzeleide (though I suppose we did see her in Stefan Herheim's production...)
The parents of Fiordiligi and Dorabella (negligent or unavoidably detained?)
The Queen of the Night's deceased husband (King of the Night?)
The Feldmarschall
Berenice (La clemenza di Tito)
Grimhilde (she must have quite a story to tell)
Agamemnon (Elektra)
Parsifal (Lohengrin, to ascertain once and for all whether he is the Parsifal)
Pelléas's father